About Us

It is so important to remember that "You Breath What You Burn". There are no added fragrances that can irritate.

I founded Beacon Candle Company in February 2016. There is a growing need and appreciation for handmade, organic and locally made beeswax candles. Shop small and shop local.  Besides, I love making them! With that in mind, I make all natural beeswax candles with no added fragrances. It has never been so important to inform ourselves about how imperative bees are to everyone and the benefits they have to the world.

All my candles are hand poured and I only use 100% Pure Beeswax. All wicks are cotton and lead free. Beeswax has the following benefits:

Did you know that beeswax candles clean the air when they burn?

Beeswax releases negative ions when it burns. Pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, and any other junk in the air all carry a positive charge, and that is how they can be suspended in the air. The negative ions released from burning beeswax negate the positive charge of air contaminants, and the neutralized ions are sucked back into the burning candle or fall to the ground. Many air purifiers and water filters harness this effective negative ion technology.

Because beeswax candles clean the air and reduce indoor pollutants, they can effectively reduce asthma, allergies, and hay fever. One of the most rewarding parts of my candle pouring job is listening to customers tell me miraculous stories of how the beeswax candles changed their quality of life. The most common thing I heard was, “these are the only candles I can burn,” or “these are the only candles my husband will let me burn,” since the beeswax didn’t release irritating toxins and fragrances.

I hope you enjoy you healthy handmade item as much as I enjoyed making them.

Kim King